Bon plan or not : Restopolitan the map

A few months ago, on Private Sale, j & rsquo; I bought the card Restopolitan. For 25 € (instead of € 119) we have a meal offered in a selection of restaurants. L & rsquo; idea is very nice but in practice c & rsquo; is how ?

carte restopolian

Already it n & rsquo; there is no restriction on the days and times unlike offers of the range : the card is valid on all d & rsquo days opening, all meals. You just look at the conditions of each restaurant, usually c & rsquo; choice is the entry card + flat or flat + dessert, best c & rsquo; is the total combo. Pour réserver, il faut se connecter sur le site, choisir son horaire et attendre le confirmation de disponibilité.


We are lucky d & rsquo; be very close to Paris so the list of potential restaurants on the site is long. our fear : be customers “au rabais” : not having the same meals as other customers paying full price. Since we have the map we & rsquo; have used 4 time, 1 restaurant n & rsquo; frankly was not a success (we would have had the feeling of & rsquo; be customers discount) the second was good and the 3rd top.


What is the & rsquo; interest to restaurateurs through Restopolitan if a meal is offered ? Attirer une clientèle qui ne serait pas venue autrement.

Les + :

- Le large choix de restos sur Paris

- Divide the price by 2 or almost

- The discovery of restaurants

Les – :

- La réservation n’est pas directe, it must wait until the restaurant confirmed the availability of booking so at 19:30 for 20h, you must forget. C & rsquo; is what we did the first time and after 3 refusal, Italian Resto was found in the 17th which was more than blah.

- We must cross well with notes of Google and Trip Advisor because the website does not rate the restaurants.

- In heavy price € 119, il faut réserver au moins 4 ou 5 fois par Restopolitan pour que la carte soit rentable, 25 € it was for itself in 1 time.

- Very few brunch in the selection of restaurants.


In the 4 restaurants testés jusqu’à présent celui que nous avons vraiment apprécié c’est le Domaine de Lintillac dans le 2e. The kitchen of the Southwest is very good and the setting and modern. J & rsquo; I loved that d & rsquo; have a toaster on the table to make my own bread. The dishes are traditional (foie gras, confit, or duck rillettes) and made with products directly from local producers.


Bilan races : pour l’instant la carte Restopolitan est un bon plan à condition de bien sélectionner le restaurant et de ne pas s’y prendre à la dernière minute.